Interviewing Strong

I wanted to share an exciting new book that just came out last week, a book our times demand. Within days of publication, it was a #1 new release on Amazon. Here’s my Amazon review:

Mark Jonathan’s Interview Strong speaks loudly from the authority of experience, from one who was once dreadfully unemployed and who now interviews countless candidates with empathy from the other side of the table.

I got the feeling that if you and I apply the habits, principles, skills, and psyche this book expresses so well, it would be nearly it impossible to fail to “get that job.” Yeah, you heard me. Let me repeat: Jonathan’s whole-souled book will make it mathematically impossible for you and I to fail if we manage to apply its advice well. (Individual results will vary, of course, but you get the idea.)

One of the books (many) strengths is its storytelling. It’s like a textbook with heart. Story is woven into the fabric of the book, making it an easy-to-read page turner. You connect with the author and the people he meets and advises, such as the chronically unemployed Five, a gut wrenching and liberating saga to be sure.

Mark Jonathan knows whereof he speaks. A seasoned interviewer and interviewee, Mark is a senior human resources executive with over 20 years of experience in talent acquisition. If you are looking for a book to help you interview stronger and get that next job, you can buy the Kindle or paperback now at a low introductory price (a price that won’t last).

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